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Engineered Wood: Acacia, Exotic, Walnut, Maple, French Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Bamboo



Tile & Stone

Travertine       Onyx

Porcelain         Glass

Granite           Marble

Limestone       Mosaics 

Plumbing Fixtures

Grohe             Jado

Toto               Kohler

KWC               Blanco

Mr. Steam       Hansgrohe

Danze Native Trail

many more below...

Visit the company websites listed below to view their full line of products.


Artcraft Kitchens

is a leading brand of premium-quality, European-style, custom cabinetry known for its cutting-edge design and precision manufacturing. Their state-of-the-art facility combines the latest production technologies with old-fashioned craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce a wide range of styles from minimalist ultra-modern to ornate traditional: with an almost limitless selection of door designs, colors and finishes, coupled with an array of functional interior options.

Berloni America

For 50 years, the family-owned Italian company Berloni S.p.A. has been manufacturing European Kitchens and furnishings for the home. By using the latest in Italian design and materials, Berloni offers Kitchen Cabinetry, Bathroom Vanities, Countertops, Barstools, Dining Tables & Chairs, Bedroom Furniture, Kid's Bedroom Furniture, Audio/Video Cabinetry and Sofas

Ovation Cabinetry

Ovation Cabinetry is a manufacturer of furniture quality, custom cabinetry. Always listening to its customers, Ovation has constantly added products to its offering including new species, door styles, construction methods, and finishing techniques. Ovation now offers dozens of wood species, thousands of standard door styles, four different product lines and unlimited custom finishes.

DuraSupreme Cabinetry

has combined state-of-the-art, computerized equipment, machinery and finishing systems with handcrafted dovetail joinery, carved turnposts, hand-applied finishes and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. You can create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Cuisine Ideale

Cuisine Idéale has been designing and creating kitchen and bathroom cabinets for more than 42 years. It’s this kind of expertise that allows Cuisine Idéale to create designs for every customer’s lifestyle. They have created an outstanding wide selection of doors, cabinets, and high quality finishes. They excel in painted, exotic veneers and contemporary textured doorstyles. They also offer incredible closet systems to complete the cabinetry for your home.

Rosewood Fine Custom Furniture

Your custom cabinets deserve a custom finish and Rosewood’s skilled craftsmen are second to none, producing some of the finest and most durable product finishes in the industry. All Rosewood cabinets are hand-finished and individually inspected for quality and integrity. Our finishes use catalyzed varnishes and paints in a multi-step process that ensures durability for years to come.

Custom Cabinets/Exotic Woods

by using the highest quality of materials and the perfection in craftsmanship, we can create the most beautiful cabinetry for your home. There is a variety of wood species available. Following are some wood species to choose from.

Zoom-Room Modern Wall Beds

Zoom-Room is a new kind of Murphy Bed that maximizes space without sacrificing comfort, utility, or decor. They take the Murphy Bed concept to a new level, offering a 21st century solution for convertible spaces. Unlike traditional wall beds, Zoom-Room is an electronic, remote controlled, guest bed solution that maximizes space without sacrificing decor.

Custom Wood Choices

Wood Species: LIGHT

Anigre Figured, QC Anigre, QC Ash Japanese, FC Ash Japanese QS, Ash Tamo, Ash White FC, Avodire QC, Bamboo, Beech QC, Birch Karelian, Birch Red FC, Birch White FC, Cedar QC, Douglas Fir QC, FT Ash Japanese, Ft Aspen, FT Basswood, FT Birch, FT Maple, FT Zebrawood, Laurel Burl, Maple Birdseye, Maple Birdseye, AA Maple Burl, Maple Curly, FC Maple, FC Maple, QC Maple RC, Marblewood Asian Burl, Oak Red FC, Oak Red Rift, Oak White FC, Oak White QC flakes, Oak White Rift, Pearwood FC, Pecan FC, RT Afrormosia, RT Anigre QC, RT Maple QC, RT Sycamore QC Sycamore QC, White Oak QC flake.

Wood Species: MEDIUM

Banzel Rosewood, FC Brazilian Koa, FC Brazilian, Paduak FC, Brazilian Paduak FC, Babinga FC Babinga HR, Babinga QC, Camphor Burl, Cedar Spanish FC, Cherry FC, Cherry QC, Eucalyptus FT, Gumdrop (Basewood), FT Licorice (Basewood), Jatoba FC, Lacewood QC, Madrone Burl, Mahogany FC, Mahogany QC, Makore Black Mottle, Makore QC, Makore QC figured, Moabi QC, Movingui QC, Ovangkoi QC RT, Paldao QC, Paldao QC fig, Redwood Burl, RT African Mahogany QC, RT Bubinga QC, RT Makore QC, RT Mutenye QC, RT Sapele QC, Sapele FC Sapele Pommele Sapele QC Satin Walnut, Teak Honey FC, Zebrawood QC

Wood Species: DARK

Carpathian Elm Burl, Elm burl FT, Ebony FT, Ebony Redstain, FT Rosewood, FT Walnut, FT Wenge, Macassar Ebony QC, Rosewood Andes FC, Rosewood East, Rosewood East Teak FC, Indian FC, Indian QC, Teak QC, Walnut Burl, Walnut Burl B, Walnut FC Walnut Olive FC, Walnut QC, Wenge QC 

Wood Species: BLEACHED

Lacewood Bleached QC, Maple Birdseye

Wood Species: DYED

Movingui Dyed QC


Tervola Designs

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